Posted by: Dan Cutler | May 28, 2014

Pointools v02.00.01.04 Release Notes

We’re proud to announce that a new version of Pointools is here.

It contains multiple bugfixes, improvements and a few new features.

Here are the release notes in full:

Bentley Pointools V8i Release Notes
Build 2.0140519
This release improves compatibility with ATI graphics drivers, fixes a number of bugs and adds other improvements

– script support for clash tools
– script support for camera
– script support for clipbox
– added commandline options including initial script
– added near clip plane parameter to camera animation controller

– better import of Faro fls and fws, there was an issue when selecting RGB + Intensity
– “render” right-docked menu now allows all buttons to be displayed in a 1024×768 screen
– script enhancement for file commands
– script enhancements for animation
– voxel loading process
– increased the amount of buffer space used when reading very long filenames
– POD export stability
– stack stability improved when deleting from stack

– .shp files now loading correctly. Bounding boxes were not being set when the .shp file was loaded
– position of datums in orthographic snapshots is now correct
– position of datums in orthographic snapshots can now be set using a picker tool
– added an auto open saved snapshot button
– renamed a wrongly labelled button rollover in ribbon
– new saved view when 3D model loaded caused crash
– cache folder location being stored / restored from project files
– shortcut descriptions in shortcuts window do not display in Japanese
– objects Selector window not displaying properly in Japanese
– crash on clicking on the Riegl import window
– “show all layers” resetting the current layer colour blend
– “invert visibility”, makes sure any invert visibility points are placed onto the current layer when unhidden
– partially selected points disappearing from layers when hidden
– layer editing, unhide now working correctly for partially hidden voxels (moves hidden points onto the current layer)
– refreshing the edit stack causes the items in the stack to be reordered


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