Posted by: Joe Croser | November 14, 2011

Why Bentley Bought Pointools

For many LiDAR veterans, the biggest news this week arrived when Bentley Systems, Inc. – the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure – announced its acquisition of Pointools Ltd – the leading hardware-neutral provider of point cloud software technology.

This acquisition followed hot on the heels of AVEVA’s much publicised acquisition of Z+F UK, and Autodesk’s rather hushed acquisition of AliceLabs. As a result some folks were quick to ask me “is this a ‘me too’ catch-up for Bentley?” which of course it wasn’t. Anyone who has ever been involved with mergers and acquisitions knows what’s involved and for those that don’t I can confirm that they don’t just happen overnight.

So can we discern anything from the timing of the three acquisitions? Check out the LiDAR News website to read my own musings on the subject including why this is a win-win for point cloud consumers the world over.


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