Posted by: Joe Croser | July 27, 2011

Making point clouds interactive

It’s not very long since point cloud models were used only by the survey teams that captured the data via 3D laser scanners. That’s because they had the specialist software and the most powerful hardware needed to run it.

Oh how times are changing… with the advent of high-performance software that runs on ordinary PCs for a fraction of the cost, owner-operators are now rethinking their information survey and reuse workflows.

For example; this high-density, visually-rich, point cloud model is being used to interactively locate and query key data items.

After placing URL links in the point cloud, the model can be used to generally navigate an asset and ‘poke on’ key items to review another layer of information such as a performance specification,
a picture, or a training video.

This fast workflow for data acquisition and reuse enables teams to rapidly move from field to factory floor and delivers added value for training, maintenance, and emergency situations to name but a few.

Very cool! Watch more Pointools videos at


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