Posted by: Joe Croser | June 2, 2011

Are you a 64bit or 32bit Revit User?

Pointools is about to release a new Point Cloud Plug-in for Revit that will enable Revit users to visualize 100’s of millions of points inside Revit 2012. I have just seen it running on a dev machine and its great! Delivering a fast, and high quality user experience – as our users have to to expect.

As we start to prepare the plug-in for beta-testing and commercial release we are wondering if there are many 32bit users still out there. So which are you? a 32bit Revit user or a 64bit Revit user?

Please respond by adding a comment below.



  1. Both really and can’t wait for this plugin. I hope it makes scan to BIM easy

  2. We are standardized on 64-bit, but support limited 32-bit use.

    • It’s still early but your answers are following the trend I believed to be true. Thanks Chris.

  3. We are 64 bit users of Revit, Architecture, Structure and MEP. Also looking forward to the plugin…. 😉

  4. 64bit, look forward to the release ;o)

  5. I just started to work at a firm where point cloud data is critical on some projects. We do not use Revit, as we are a Mac-based office. I am trying to find a good, reliable way to get the data into either CAD or .ifc files. Can Pointools do this or must one have Revit or AutoCAD to do this?

    • Hi Charles,

      None of our software is built to run on the Apple platform today. Of course it does run very well through Boot Camp or via Parallels. As for other apps, our Pointools POD file format is reusable inside more CAD and engineering apps that any other native point cloud file format. Our plug-ins for AutoCAD (and many Autodesk apps including Civil 3D, Map 3D, Plant 3D, Architecture, etc.), Rhino, SketchUp, and soon Revit enable this native reuse. So to answer your question, you will need either AutoCAD or Revit in addition to our Plug-ins to reuse Pointools POD files inside those apps. Simply importing the points into other CAD apps will cause you much frustration through what i expect to be horrible performance if you can get it to work at all.

      I wish you luck!


  6. 64 bit here

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