Posted by: Joe Croser | May 31, 2011

Streaming Point Clouds

At Pointools our mission is to to create (1) the best performing software for (2) working with the largest point cloud models inside (3) the broadest range of applications.

And it’s not easy; many software companies try valiantly and fall short on at least one of the three points. Pointools does quite well, but we always think there’s room for improvement through innovation. And I think there always will be.

Our latest innovation enables point cloud file streaming across local and wide area networks to dramatically accelerate data access. Our new client-server architecture plugs directly into Bentley Systems’ ProjectWise to enable distributed project teams to overcome what CIOs call the ‘BIG file problem’ and eliminate the ‘download tax’ of extended wait times.

Read more in my latest LiDAR News Article: Lowering the Barriers Through Innovation to Streamline Scan-to-model Point Cloud Workflows.


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