Posted by: Joe Croser | May 16, 2011

Top Billing at Topcon

Last week Pointools joined Topcon Europe and its European sales partners in Amsterdam. My mission: deliver a comprehensive Pointools portfolio overview for sales training. It was a very productive meeting too! Many thanks Topcon.

Possibly the highlight for me was (for the first time) seeing a video created by Nick Russill ( which followed Andy Evans from Topcon as he played his part in the “One & Other” art installation which was produced in association with Sky Arts. Andy’s part was to stand on a plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square for 1-hour while laser scanning the whole square.

Follow Andy on his journey to scan Trafalgar Square.

Click here to view more Pointools Videos.

Using Topcon’s GLS-1000 3D laser scanner, Andy captured the whole square (including all buildings and Trafalgar Square’s primary landmark,  Nelson’s Column) in very fine detail. This long-range high-accuracy scanning is a real strength for Topcon’s hardware which produces very clean point cloud models.

See this second video for a more detailed animation of the “Visual Art” generated by Andy and team. Of course they ysed Pointools Software to process and animate the 3D point cloud of Trafalgar Square.

Click here to view more Pointools Videos.


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