Posted by: Joe Croser | May 3, 2011

On-Site at the Sharp-end

I recently left my desk for a day to shadow a survey team on-site. My plan: to better understand the scanning process. I guess I just got lucky with the weather 🙂

Four of us met up at the Moller Center in Cambridge to scan the outside of the main building and the inside of the auditorium. The result: a data-rich point cloud model for reuse at the Mott MacDonald Annual CAD Forum in June. This year Pointools has been invited to attend and present its point cloud software offerings to the Mott MacDonald team. We plan to share the Pointools POD file for reuse by Autodesk, Bentley, and other top software companies that are also presenting. BIM is the focus this year so we have much to offer to the folks from Motts; we are excited.

This first picture shows our 2-man survey team setting up control with a Trimble Total Station and preparing to scan with a Riegl 3D laser.

The second picture shows the Riegl scanner in front of the restaurant tower. This Riegl scanner is quite perfect for outdoor scanning due to its speed, light weight (that really matters when you have to keep moving it to new scan locations), and its ability to provide good quality data over long distances.

This final picture shows a FARO Photon 120 scanner (a big heavy brute) which is ideally suited to internal detailed scans of internal spaces. Here it is being setup to scan the lecture theatre where we will be presenting in June. It will be fun to show data for the space we are all inhabiting during the 2-day conference.

Next up?! The 3D point cloud of course… watch this space.


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