Posted by: Joe Croser | December 18, 2010

Pointools Suite Launches

Big on value, this new software bundle includes a broad portfolio of Pointools apps and plug-ins for point cloud conversion, processing, reuse, and collaboration. The Pointools Suite includes:

  • Pointools POD Creator
  • Pointools Edit
  • Pointools Plug-in for AutoCAD
  • Pointools Plug-in for Rhino
  • Pointools Plug-in for SketchUp

All Pointools apps and plug-ins eliminate the need for time-wasting translations and maintain visual quality and accuracy of point cloud models by reading the Pointools POD model file format to display billions of points on screen.

Pricing is vey competitive too. The whole bundle (which is worth more than £5,000) retails for £3,250. That’s a saving of around 40% off the list price of each app. Put another way, it’s cheaper than buying Pointools Edit + one Pointools Plug-in.

Check out the web page for more information


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