Posted by: Joe Croser | November 23, 2010

A Fresh New Look for Pointools

So there i was, driving to work this morning with a nagging feeling that i had forgotten something. Phone? Check! Wallet? Check! Computer? Check! …and then it hit me. I haven’t blogged for ages. But i do have a good excuse…

First: We are feverishly preparing to attend 3 big events in the next 2 weeks; Autodesk University 2010 (AU2010), European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF), and SPAR Europe 2010. We have been very much “heads-down” and “all hands to the pumps” as we worked on brand new positioning and brochure collateral.

Second: We have been in a relatively quiet period as we prepare to make a very exciting announcement at AU2010. I can’t say any more now but you will be able to read the breaking news here, on our twitter feed at, and no doubt in many online blogs and magazines as the splash ripples spread.

Third: We have been rethinking our brand image, vision, and mission. Revised product names to better communicate use and application will be revealed very soon, and our brand new logo has already been added to this blog – well we had to share something now didnt we?!

So there you have it, insight into why we have been a bit quiet on the blogosphere!



  1. Very exciting Joe, congrats to you and the team on the new branding. I’m excited for the announcement on Monday also.

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