Posted by: Joe Croser | November 5, 2010

Democratizing Point Cloud Model Reuse the Pointools Way

I recently enjoyed a conversation with a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the USA about technology use and application for improving workflows. During our musings he asked: “How do we extend the value of point cloud models beyond the survey department?” I grinned (but he couldn’t see that as we were chatting on the phone) and he continued to make his case, “Point cloud models have a bright future if only they can escape their origins. We can’t allow them to die in the survey department darkness before extracting every ounce of value from them. ”

No doubt this P.E. is a smart man; he has decades of industry experience, and he is a Professor at George Mason University in the USA. He knows his stuff. But what he didn’t know was that he had just happened upon Pointools’ mission: to democratize point cloud models for broad reuse by architects, engineers, and other practitioners throughout their design and construction workflows.

As luck would have it, GEOinformatics Magazine had just asked us to write a few words about the Pointools user advantage for a special edition they were preparing for distribution at the European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF) at the end of November in The Hague, NL. So, using this conversation as a springboard, I put pen-to-paper (or rather fingers-to-keyboard) and came up with this featuring work from one of our key sales partners, Teccon, bvba in Belgium: “Democratizing Point Cloud Models the Pointools Way


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